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Horse trailer or horse drawn vehicle Insurance


Horse trailer insurance covers the trailer or horse drawn vehicle for social domestic and pleasure purposes by you, if it is stolen, damaged by fire or accidentally damaged or maliciciously damaged.

The insurance covers the cost of repair to bring it back to it's original condition or it's current market value of sum insured if less. If stolen the market value or sum insured, which ever is less.

The horse trailer must be immobilised by the use of a toe hitch lock and/or a wheel clamp when not in use, unless kept in a secure building with a 5 lever mortice lock.

The insurance premium is based on the sum insuredand varies insurer to insurer. The cheapest premiums are for stand alone policies but because the premium are low they are not usually available to be paid by direct debit.

Examples of stand alone policy with a sum insured (SI) of

SI £2,000 £71.50, SI £3,000 £107.25 or even less.


Car and Trailer or Trailer only

Breakdown Insurance


Being aware of the stress involved in dealing with a breakdown situation and just how much worse it becomes when your horses are on board.

We have found a specialist horse breakdown company called Equine Rescue Services who we are proud to partner. They offer 2 different breakdown options for Car and horse trailer and a trailer only option.

Equicar Breakdown Assistance £104.00

This provides assistance for towing vehicles and trailer and horses

• Roadside Assistance for car or trailer.

• Recovery of the vehicle to the nearest repair facility

• If the car cannot be fixed the same day, recovery to any UK destination.

• At Home service.

• Trailer recovery to any UK destination.

• Horse transport to any UK destination (max 3 horses)

• Overnight accommodation for horses and passengers.

Equine Trailer Assistance. £50.00

This provides assistance for trailer only.

• Roadside Assistance (including tyre assistance).

• Specialist tyre Assistance.

• Horse Transport to any UK destination.

• Horse trailer recovery to the nearest repair facility, your home or original destination.

• If the towing vehicle breaks down and can’t be fixed, we will provide fresh horse transport for the horse.

Important notes:

The cost of parts and materials, including tyres and associated parts are not included in the membership and remain the responsibility of the member, however they will not be charged at roadside but invoiced by us at later date.Our company policy is not to allow the recovery of a vehicle whilst horses are on board, we will always send fresh horse transport to move the horses separately. However there are occasions where we have to move horses on vehicles for safety reasons, i.e. on Motorways or dangerous positions, in these cases they will only be towed to nearest place of safety where the horses can be transferred to our horse transporter safely.

Equine trailer

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