Horse Insurance

What Our Horse Insurance Covers

This can cover a multitude of sections - death of horse, theft/straying, public liability, permanent loss of use, vet fees, personal accident to rider, saddlery & tack, trailer & or horse drawn vehicle.

If you are in the process of buying your first horse/pony, we recommend you get as a minimum, death, public liability and vet fee cover.

Further details on the cover available under horse/pony insurance:

Death of Horse/pony

This covers all mortality risks from accident, illness & disease and should also cover in transit. This is usually a compulsory section of the policy with other section being optional. All death claims must meet BEVA guidelines to be payable under the insurance.

Theft & Straying

Cover if the horse is lost by theft or straying and not recovered within a set period detailed within the policy.

Public Liabiliy

This section is needed if you do not already hold it as part of a society membership or covered by your home insurance. Public Liability is there to protect from claims by other people for which you are legally liable in the eyes of the law. If you are involved in an incident, do not admit liability and contact us or your insurer for advice on how to proceed. There is usually an excess payable if there is property damage.

Permanent Loss of Use

This will cover you if your horse has an accident BUT does not have to be put to sleep under the BEVA guidelines. The insurance company will pay a percentage of the sum insured - depending on the insurer, cover bought and individual situation. Insurers generally require a 5 Stage Vets Certificate if Loss Of Use is taken out regardless of the value of the horse. Most Insurers will not offer this cover for a horse/pony aged over 15 years.

Disposal of Horse/pony

Cost of the removal and disposal of the carcass.

Vet Fees

Vet fee claims are always increasing, so we recommend you to get as much vet fees cover as you can afford. The limit per claim can be between £1,500 to £5,000, often with an unlimited number of claims per year, depending on the Insurer. An excess of between £135 - £500 is normally offered. Pre-existing conditions will be excluded under the policy. With most Insurers, cover can be provided for alternative therapies and hospitalisation/transportation of the horse if required by a vet.

Personal Accident

Cover is generally for you and anyone who is riding the horse with your permission. Some policies also cover you and your immediate family for dental treatment following a riding accident.

Trailers & Horse Drawn Vehicles

This will only cover damage to your trailer. It will not cover third party road risks & damage to other vehicles/property, which should be added to your towing vehicles insurance. There is usually an excess payable.


The cheapest insurance policy is not always the best value in the long term, please ensure you fully read the terms and conditions for the policy.

Basic Cover

Minimum cover of death & theft with the option to add any other section

Comprehensive Cover

Complete package with all sections covered